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About Us
Wellwisher Corp Co. Ltd. is an authorized distributor of a high-quality ceramic window film "GLASIA" and related innovative products from Asia and Europe. The company has a complete standardized factory that has a long-standing record, which is well-known among the film and automobile industry. The film itself is also uniquely distinguished and progressive as the research and development has been conducted with RACD (Research / Analytics / Customizes / Develops Specific Areas) standard in order to respond to customers’ needs in various specific area. Moreover, the quality of the film has been tested through harsh environment and extreme hot weather of each particular region until the film gains such high solar energy rejection properties. So, the customers can be assured of this high-performance ceramic film that it will provide effective protection against solar heat and damaging UVA/UVB rays at an affordable price suitable for car user in each different specific region/area. In addition, the company also strives to offer excellence services and to build customer’s trust through our service centers / dealers established throughout the country. Our service centers/dealers stand ready to provide you with the best advice, expert installation/application, and excellent after sale service for as long as 7 years regardless of where you are.